FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

How are the buying and selling prices of an antique established?

R- The selling price of an antique is determined by the rarity of the item and by current market prices( such as auctions)

Are antiques a good investment ?

R- In general, yes. Pieces that are unique and difficult to reproduce are usually good investments. 19th century and Victorian are also sure values.

How can I tell if I am making a sound purchase?

R- A sound purchase is something that you need, a childhood souvenir or a bit of history. It’s also something that you would like to pass on to your children later.

How many new pieces do you receive every week?

R- We receive from 200 to 300 pieces every week.

Do you deliver?

R- We have a delivery service on request. This service is not included in the price of our antiques. Details are available at the store.

Do you do antique restoration work?

R- On request we can restore furniture from our store.  

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Antique toy cupboard

Antique toy cupboard